Wrecks come in all shapes and sizes and can be some of the easiest and most demanding of all dives. They provide a unique window on the past – a single moment in history captured and preserved.

The Firth of Forth is often overlooked as one of the best dive sites in the UK and has been one of Scotland’s most important shipping areas for centuries. From fishing to the trade and export of wood, coal and even whisky, the Forth has provided a valuable link to the shipping routes of the North Sea.

However, for much of the Forth’s maritime history there were no lights or lighthouses to guide safe passage and many men and their vessels have been lost as a result.

Two world wars have also contributed with submarine torpedoes, mines and aircraft attack accounting for a substantial number of wrecks – from minesweepers to fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.

If your looking for great wreck diving plus some of the best reefs on the East Coast, look no further. All you have to decide now, is which one and when!!

Interested in marine conservation… contact The Nautical Archaeological Society – http://www.nasportsmouth.org.uk

HMS Campania
HMS Saucy
Royal Archer
Grumman Avenger
Blae Rock
May Isle

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